Herbal Highs Review: Shaman’s Journey

Herbal Incense Shaman’s Journey Test

Herbal Highs effects and details
  •     Seller: http://herbal-highs-shop.com
  •     Manufacturer: Black Buds Inc.
  •     Declaration:    Herbal Incense Blend
  •     Active Agents: Apomorphine, Leonurine
  •     Strength:         9 / 10
  •     Taste:             10 /10
  •     Relaxing:         4 / 10
  •     Mood:              7 / 10

Shaman’s Journey – Legal Buds and Herbal Extracts
Smoking this Legal High gives you an hallucinogenic kick. You
may think you are able to taste music or smell colors, when you’ve smoked that Herbal High. It’s an psychoactive herbal smoking
blend of shamans from the Amazon region. They mix and burn those Legal Highs for mind-blowing rituals. I love Shaman’s Journey, because you can dream and you feel zero-g by smoking.

Great Taste –  best aromatic Herbal Incense ever

This product is the best smelling and tasting Herbal Incense I have smoked ever! It has a spicy and sweetish flavoring, which is better in taste than shisha tobacco. Legal buds and natural flavors harmonize like a tropical flower bouquet. It’s great to smoke in shishas or to use a vaporizer. Shaman’s Journey is highly recommended in my opinion, because it has a great value for money, wonderful effects and it’s the best tasting Legal High I’ve smoked in my life.


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