Smokratom – Herbal Incense Review

Herbal Incense Blend

Herbal Highs | Legal Highs


Smokratom is a newly developed Herbal Incense Blend. This Herbal High contains a special Smoke-Kratom, Sida Cordifolia (with legal Ephedrine!) and an old Asian medical plant containing natural L-Dopa.

Herbal Highs with Ephedrine, L-Dopa and Special Smoke Kratom

Our chemist has researched a long time to make Kratom smokable. Normally Kratom isn’t good to smoke. But the special set of the Herbal Incense Blend Smokratom and the modified Thai-Kratom, which is contained in this Herbal High, entails a vaporizing effect during burning the Legal High. So there is a lot of steam and smoke. More active agents will be released due to its special enhanced vaporizing modification. The Herbal Incense Blend Smokratom contains the one and only real smokable Thai-Kratom.

Legal Ephedrine Herbal Incense | Blend of Selected Herbal Highs

Sida Cordifolia is the only Ephedrine containing plant, which is still legal in Europe. We use just the highest premium quality of Sida Cordifolia for our Herbal Incense Blends. The Sida Cordifolia has a high grade of Ephedrine, which releases very good, because of the vaporizing effect of the Legal High Smokratom.

Smokratom Herbal Incense Blend | Thai-Kratom at its Best  | New Legal Highs

Smokratom contains L-Dopa, which is converted to Dopamine, Noradrenaline (Norepinephrine) and Adrenaline (Epinephrine) in the human body. L-Dopa is direct precursor to these neurotransmitters. It’s use for medical treatment of Parkinson’s disease, too.

Are you Smokratist? Enjoy our new Smokraty. Freedom and peace for all!

Herbal Incense is not for human consumption.

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