Happy Slump – Herbal Highs Review

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Happy Slump – Herbal Incense with Legal Buds

Active agents: Leonurine, Apomorphine, Nucipherine and other psychoactive stuff

Happy Slump is a colorful Herbal Incense blend with different legal buds and a sweet natural flavoring.

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The great depression rules globally! What do you need now? Herbal Highs! With Legal Highs and Herbal Incense the worldwide economic crisis will become a Happy Slump! Because of current interest our natural scientist created this tasty mix of legal buds. Your depression will be gone instantly while burning the Herbal Incense Happy Slump.

Herbal Incense in purple, red and yellow | Herbal Highs to smile

Sweet flavors and psychoactive agents let you smile and get frivolous. It’s a Legal High to have a lot of fun with friends or to watch comedy movies. Check out Happy Slump now and fly to the cloud of happiness. The red-purple colors of this Herbal Incense fit perfectly the effects of Happy Slump. It’s a bit like good weed.

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