Alert Dope! – Legal Highs Review

Herbal Highs with Kratom | Thai Pimps 2 smoke

Alert Dope! – Herbal Incense with Kratom

Active agents: Mitragynine, Leonurine, Ephedrine

This stimulating Herbal Kratom Blend brings freshness to your mind.

Herbal Incense Blend – Wild Dagga as weed substitute

Leonurine wakes you up and relaxes you at the same time. You find high concentrations of Leonurine in Wild Dagga.
It has similar effects to pure THC. Our Wild Dagga is from a grower in Peru, who is specialized for medical and psychoactive plants. You can be positive that our Wild Dagga is one of the most potent cultivation ever.

Sida Cordifolia – legal Ephedrine kicks with Herbal Incense

The Herbal High Alert Dope! contains Sida Cordifolia, the only plant with natural Ephedrine, which is legal in most countries. Ephedrine is a stimulating component of Legal Highs.

Herbal-Highs-Shop’s smokable Kratom | Fill smoke with opioid

Last but not least another ingredient of the Herbal Incense Blend Alert Dope! is our special modified smokable Kratom.  The smoke of this severally rehashed Thai-Kratom includes a lot of the opioid mitragynine.

Get Alert Dope! & other Legal Highs

  1. Finding a good legal high is one of the most important factors for me to living a good life. For me, this product has always proven to be the greatest. It just gives your body a great load and it doesn’t have all of those nasty side effects as all of the poorer ones. It’s also one of the cheapest ones out there.

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