Golden Vanilla Pollen – Herbal Incense Review

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Golden Vanilla Pollen

Herbal Solid Smoke Golden Vanilla Pollen has a tasty vanilla flavoring. It contains resin of a plant, which belongs to the botanical family cannabaceae, exactly the same like marijuana.

Smooth Herbal Incense – Golden Vanilla Pollen

Golden Vanilla Pollen is resin of a plant, which is related to cannabis sativa (marijuana). It contains much 2-Methyl-3-buten-2-ol and is a sedative and relaxing drug with a delicious vanilla flavoring.

Herbal Solid Smoke like Hash

Golden Vanilla Pollen is similar to cannabis hash with an aromatic vanilla flavor. It contains 2-Methyl-3-buten-2-ol, which is chemical similar to THC. This Herbal High is 100% legal worldwide.  That’s Herbal Incense is to burn and fill with smoke, not for consumption. But Golden Vanilla Pollen is also piped in shishas or bongs by some people.

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