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Black Buds Inc. – clean Herbal Incense

Clean Highs by Black Buds Inc.

herbal highs without dangerous additives

Black Buds, Inc. is a producer of premium quality herbal incense without dangerous additives.

Clean Highs
Guaranteed without illegal supplements manufactured products ensure maximum safety and an excellent flavor. Black Buds Inc. uses just selected raw materials, preferably from organic farming and fair trade.

Contemporary Herbal Highs
The herbal highs are timely, because they contain no dangerous additives and their effects are suitable for daily use and fit for good society.

Shamanic Herbal Blends
Ethnobotanists from Black Buds Inc. are experts in the field of manufacturing psychotropic herbs, oils and resins. The Black Buds clean herbal highs contain rare shamanic plants and known natural legal highs, such as kratom.

Legality is Consumer Protection
Black Buds Inc. always pays attention to the current legal situation and the latest scientific findings and then adjusts to the recipes of clean highs. This is done to protect consumers and serve the responsible use of consumers. Black Buds Inc. sets itself deliberately from those herbal incense manufacturers, whose products were mixed with synthetic drugs. The brand focuses on natural resources and openness to their customers.

Clean Legal Highs from Europe
Black Buds Inc. opposes the sleazy image of the distributors of hazardous chemicals and provides alternative herbal incense called Clean Highs. Free of cannabinoids or other research chemicals. Black-Buds-Incense is composed of natural ingredients and carefully prepared herbal extracts. In some products there are only small amounts of approved nature-identical flavors and preservatives, which are also widely used in food. Thus, any conventional cigarette contains many more artificial additives, whose are very harmful often.

Proper Handling of Herbal Incense
Black Buds Inc. does not recommend inhalation or consumption of herbal incense. Any use for other purposes, than to burn slow or to fill with smoke, is done against the explicit advice of the manufacturer. This also applies to smoking legal highs in hookahs, shishas, pipes and bongs and to the inhalation of steam with the aid of a vaporizer.

A high-feeling is generated by the pleasant aroma and well-dosed amount of alkaloid active agents contained in the smoke. Black Buds clean herbal incense is ideally suitable for shamanic rituals or at parties as a natural air-freshener and poppers substitute.

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Herbal Highs Review: Shaman’s Journey

Herbal Incense Shaman’s Journey Test

Herbal Highs effects and details
  •     Seller:
  •     Manufacturer: Black Buds Inc.
  •     Declaration:    Herbal Incense Blend
  •     Active Agents: Apomorphine, Leonurine
  •     Strength:         9 / 10
  •     Taste:             10 /10
  •     Relaxing:         4 / 10
  •     Mood:              7 / 10

Shaman’s Journey – Legal Buds and Herbal Extracts
Smoking this Legal High gives you an hallucinogenic kick. You
may think you are able to taste music or smell colors, when you’ve smoked that Herbal High. It’s an psychoactive herbal smoking
blend of shamans from the Amazon region. They mix and burn those Legal Highs for mind-blowing rituals. I love Shaman’s Journey, because you can dream and you feel zero-g by smoking.

Great Taste –  best aromatic Herbal Incense ever

This product is the best smelling and tasting Herbal Incense I have smoked ever! It has a spicy and sweetish flavoring, which is better in taste than shisha tobacco. Legal buds and natural flavors harmonize like a tropical flower bouquet. It’s great to smoke in shishas or to use a vaporizer. Shaman’s Journey is highly recommended in my opinion, because it has a great value for money, wonderful effects and it’s the best tasting Legal High I’ve smoked in my life.


Herbal Highs Test – Lupu Hash

Legal Highs effects and details

  • Seller:
  • Manufacturer: Black Buds Inc.
  • Declaration:    Natural Herbal Incense
  • Active Agent:  2-Methyl-3-buten-2-ol
  • Strength:         8 / 10
  • Taste:              6 / 10
  • Relaxing:        9 / 10
  • Mood:             5 / 10

Lupu Hash – Herbal Incense review
Lupu Hash is related to cannabis hash, it contains 2-Methyl-3-buten-2-ol it’s chemical similar to THC, but it is legal worldwide to get high. Lupu Hash can be mixed with other herbs, piped, or spotted. Lupu Hash can also be taken orally, however taking orally you need a larger dose, but you have stronger effects.

Buy just the best tested Herbal Highs
Lupu Hash is resin of psychoactive plants, it takes 100 Pounds of to produce 1 gram of resin. It contains very high concentrations of 2-Methyl-3-buten-2-ol and has similar effects to opium, marijuana or hash.Lupu Hash is a natural herbal high. You can get Lupu Hash and legal highs from smartshop partners of the manufacturer Black Buds Inc.

Herbal Hash Info
You should take 2 – 4 spots the first time you try Lupu Hash. Depressive people or pregnant women should’t take Lupu Hash or other Herbal Highs. Be careful, Lupu Hash is a legal high, which can make you really noggy. You better do not operate machinery when you’ve smoked much Lupu Hash.


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