New Herbal Highs: Liquid Seasoning with psychoactive Herbs

“Snowy Potion – Liquid Spice for Glogg

Flavoring to turn Mulled Wine, Glogg, Tea and other drinks to Legal Highs magically

Ingredients: Fruit juice concentrates, herbal and spice extracts, essential oils, cane sugar


Snowy Potion consists of 100% pure vegetable ingredients. It is a liquid seasoning for mulled wine of a special kind. Each bottle contains 100 ml of highly concentrated special herbs and spices. With this herbal liquid you can very easily make your own drink as legal highs.

Liquid Legal Highs | Mulled Wine + X

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Liquid Herbal Highs for Hot Drinks

Our winter special is perfectly suitable for the cold and dark days of the year. Snowy Potion is an unique liquid Glogg-Seasoning made by Black Buds Inc. These liquid herbal extracts give mulled wine or non-alcoholic drinks that certain something. Snowy Potion is ideal for special flavoring of glogg, rum toddy, hot punch, yogi-tea and sangria with a wintery touch. With this liquid herbal high you can also make great non-alcoholic cocktails with fruit juice. This exquisite Mulled Wine Liquid Seasoning is only available from Black Buds Inc. and only for a short time during the winter.

Trippy Liquid Seasoning for Mulled Wine and other Drinks

Snowy Potion is produced entirely without chemical additives. It contains no synthetic preservatives. Therefore it makes sense to keep the flavor concentrate in the refrigerator. Snowy Potion is an unique Legal High. You can order it only in the Black Buds Inc. partner stores. With Snowy Potion you can surprise your friends with a drink, which they have not tried yet.

Application of Mulled Wine Liquid Seasoning without Alcohol

One bottle contains 100 ml. That’s enough for up to 6 liters of mulled wine/ glogg, rum toddy, hot punch, yogi-tea, cocktails or sangria. For more intense flavors, it should be used with less wine, tea or juice. It is best suited for many hot drinks.

Mulled Wine / Glogg Recipe with Snowy Potion: For mulled wine mix depending on the desired taste 1-6 liters of dry red wine with up to 100 ml Snowy Potion. Slowly warm the mixture over low heat to about 70 ° C. Do not boil! If it must be a little bit stronger, add a dash of rum or amaretto. If necessary sweeten with sugar or honey and enjoy warm.

Note: Not for sale under 18. Not suitable for people with mental health problems or a history of psychiatric illness. Do not use in epilepsy, liver problems or hepatitis. Herbal extracts may be able to cause allergies in rare cases in susceptible people. Do not take with any other medication. Do not use during pregnancy or lactation. Snowy Potion could affect your ability to react, even when taken in non-alcoholic beverages. Don’t drink and drive, please! Keep it away from children!”

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